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Let the Dog's Out and Emancipate Your Feet!

Is it Time to let the Dogs Out?Has the summer heat left your feet sweltering inside those closed toe shoes? ScoutTech has some great footwear options that will support your feet, let them breathe and even protect your toes!Here are some of our favorite sandal selections:Reef SandalsReef offers Men's and Women's Casual flip flops to [...]

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Reviewer: Stef Bourke, Female, Age 36It’s important to us at ScoutTech to test the gear that we bring into the store. Last weekend, I had the chance to test out a few different pieces on a family bike tour in South Western Ontario.The weather was warm, not hot- dipping under 10 degrees during the night.Here’s what was tested: Osprey Verve (Viper) [...]

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Stuff your stockings with Warmth!

Need some last minute stocking stuffer ideas? Stockings go on your feet, but there's not reason why you can't fill them with things that go on your hands and head. Warm hats and hand-wear make great gift ideas- they fit almost anyone and are easy on the wallet. ScoutTech has a great selection of [...]

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These are a few of our favourite things... Staff picks for the holidays

Are you stuck for gift ideas this Holiday Season? We here at ScoutTech want to lend a hand and highlight a few of our favorite store items... If we love them, chances are you (and yours) will too! Kayze: For those people who always have cold feet, check out the Thermacell Heated Insoles. [...]

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Winter Camping Anyone?

We've Got A Base Layer & Bag For You!Winter warmth starts from the inside out. Your skin is the best breathable membrane around, but let's face it- it just doesn't cut it in the winter time. You need to wrap yourself in a base layer, something warm and wicking- that will pull the moisture [...]

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Keep the Summer Heat in your Feet

WINTER IS COMING, keep the summer HEAT IN YOUR FEET!!Trust us, you don't want to mess around where foot comfort and warmth are concerned. Planning to spend some time outdoors this fall/winter?Did you know that wearing cotton socks in cold conditions will increase your chances for cold feet and frostbitten toes? Cotton locks in [...]

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Rain Wear Revival!

Outdoor Gear Revival- How to Refresh your Favourite Rain WearSo, you’re sporting your faithful rain jacket, the one that saw you through the British Columbia drizzle, that heavy cloudburst on the prairies and the steady pour that lasted for days in northern Ontario… and you realize that your trusted pal isn’t keeping you dry like it used to.New jacket time? [...]

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ScoutTech is HIRING!We are looking for a new family member to fill in some evening and weekend hours.If you are into the outdoors and travel, and are looking for a part time/full time job, LOOK NO FURTHER!Top 10 Reasons why YOU should work at ScoutTech10. It’s a locally owned business that gives back to the community, so you can feel [...]

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Back to the BASE-ics

We, as outdoor and travel enthusiasts, are all guilty.Sometimes we get so focused on the latest and greatest packs, the driest jacket with the best venting, the flashiest new cook stove with the speediest boiling time. But ask yourself, when is the last time that 'extra minute spent cooking your dinner' detracted from your experience? [...]

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Ditch the tie this Father's Day with these gift ideas!

Father's Day is almost here! Yes, it's true- your love IS enough to show dad how much you appreciate him. But why not take advantage of the occasion (and the great timing) of Father's Day to spoil him with a little camping/outdoors gear that he will love. Not sure what to give him? [...]

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